Head Cook Job Description

Head cook

Reports to:
Executive Director and Program Director

Details and Compensation:
Position is seasonal, June-August. Employment is at will. Salary depends upon experience.

To Apply:
Please send resume and completed application to info@camptalahi.org.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
The Head Cook is responsible for all meal planning and preparing, ordering and inventory, cleanliness and organization of kitchen, and following state licensing compliance standards for each summer camp session and rental group during term of hire.

Skills and Experience:
Must be at least 19 years of age.
High school education or equivalent.
Previous experience working in a kitchen and/or food industry required.
Problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
An ability to assess and communicate information to kitchen assistant/s, site staff, campers, and parents.
An ability to work effectively in a team context, contributing to team process.
Current ServSafe Certification.

Specific Responsibilities for Head Cook:
Oversee operation of kitchen.
Plan all summer camp and rental group menus according to the US Department of Health and Human Services/US Department of Agriculture, Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005.
Prepare all necessary meals and snacks for summer camp sessions and rental groups.
Ensure compliance with local and state standards for licensing.
Order and maintain inventory of food and supplies.
Regularly check freshness of food and ingredients.
Maintain cleanliness and organization throughout the kitchen.
Follow proper sanitation and safety procedures.
Assign and delegate tasks to kitchen assistant/s.
Assist in recruitment, training, support, supervising, evaluating and provide continuing education for all kitchen assistant/s.
Coordinate kitchen schedule with site staff schedule.

Personal Qualities:
A person with strong organization and communication skills.
A person with strong interpersonal relationship skills, comfortable with feedback and challenge, as well as an ability to interact with diverse groups of people and effectively meet their needs.
A person flexible and focused, capable of making necessary adjustments.