Assistant Summer Program Director Job Description

Summer Assistant Program Director

Reports to:
Executive Director and Summer Program Director

Details and Compensation:
Position is seasonal, June-August. Employment is at will. Salary depends upon experience.

To Apply:
Please send resume, completed application and cover letter to

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
The Summer Assistant Program Director is responsible for assisting the Summer Program Director in the outdoor ministry program including recruitment, training, evaluation and supervision of volunteers, program content and schedule, problem-solving and communication.

Skills and Experience:
Must be at least 19 years of age.
Bachelor’s/Associate’s degree in Outdoor Education, Teaching or related field.
Experience in outdoor ministry, youth ministry and camping programs.
Ability to teach effectively.
Cooperate with CTRNC Camp Executive and Summer Program Director to hire, train, support, supervise and evaluate camp guidelines
Problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
An ability to assess and communicate information to volunteers, staff, campers and parents.
An ability to work effectively in a team context, contributing to team process.
Familiarity with theology, polity, and practice of the United Church of Christ.
Current First Aid and CPR Certification.

Specific Responsibilities for Assistant Program Director:
Assist in leading CIT Training program in June, worship and Bible study assistance, coordination of Morning Watch, program ideas and suggestions, problem solving and evaluation.
Assure compliance with all local and state standards.
Assure programming is consistent with Camp Talahi Retreat and Nature Center mission, objectives, and values.
Assist Executive Director and Summer Program Director in recruitment, training, support, supervising, evaluating and provide continuing education for all program staff and volunteers.
Work closely with the Camp Executive, Summer Program Director, and Deans to create schedule, content, resources, and staffing for specific programs.
Coordinate activities with site staff.
Lead camp sessions as required.

Program Enhancements:
After dinner programs, goal setting with program staff, continuing education for program staff.
Assist in creating Camp Schedule.
Communicate and arrange schedule with program and site staff.
Opening and Closing gatherings.
Assist in coordinating any off site activities.
Assist in coordinating any guest speakers/activities.
Daily team meetings/ in service education.
Assist in evaluation of program and volunteer staff.
Other duties as assigned.

Personal Qualities:
A person with strong organization and communication skills with an ability to communicate a strong personal faith, an active church member, and understanding and belief in camping and retreats as a ministry of the church.
A person who believes in the integrity of creation and its preservation promoted through environmental education.
A person with strong interpersonal relationship skills, comfortable with feedback and challenge, as well as an ability to interact with diverse groups of people and effectively meet their needs.
A person flexible and focused, capable of making necessary adjustments.
A person able to work long hours, meeting the responsibilities of directing outdoor ministry programs and activities.