Our Members

Members are at the heart of the Camp Talahi Retreat and Nature Center! These are the committed individuals that help keep camp running and help us keep getting better, year after year! Learn more about becoming a member.

Individual Members:

Christine Cardimen

Evan Demko

Julie DiFranco

Amber Finkbeiner

Amelia Ponson

Gillian Ream

Jon Russell

Zach (Scotty) Seguin

Joan Walz

Alex Willenborg

Hannah Willenborg

Tessa Willenborg

Ashley Finkbeiner

Tanja Hortig

Todd Eckert

Donna Stonebreaker

Lyle Widmayer

Judy Lopus (a.k.a. Mother Nature)

Debbie Kelley

Alex Papin

George Kelly

Family Members:

The McCormack Family

Hippo Hill Members:

Jer Hylen

Margo Allen

Josh LeBaron

Brian Telder

Aaron Urick