Creative. Community. Worship.

Campers perform a play for Vespers, complete with a canoe "Noah's Ark"

Campers perform a "Noah's Ark" play for Vespers, complete with a canoe Ark.

At Camp Talahi, we bring out the creativity of all our campers – and worship is no exception! Amid the excitement and fun of camp, we take time every day to reflect on the blessings we’ve been given.

Each morning at “Morning Watch,” campers are given a thought and a theme  for the day. For example, in 2012 our theme is “Rejoice in New Beginnings” so each day will focus on ways that we can be renewed and rejuvenated – ways that we’re forgiven and given new opportunities to grow as people.

In the evening, campers take turns planning our Vespers services with the help of the camp Chaplain, a volunteer pastor from one of our member churches. As you can see from the photo, Vespers can take many forms! We often hold services on Vesper Hill overlooking the lake, but have had Vespers on the beach, in the woods, around the campfire, indoors during thunderstorms, and anywhere else that fits what our campers have in mind.

Vespers and Morning Watch give us the chance to hear how campers interpret and interact with scripture, and it gives campers a chance to try new things, make presentations in front of their peers, and express themselves in a welcoming and open community!

Most of all, Vespers is a chance for our entire camp to step back and appreciate the gift of spending time together in a beautiful place.